Referral Program

Candidate Referral Bonus

If you know of someone who would be a qualified candidate for ICG, we encourage you to submit his or her name and contact information to an ICG Recruiter or Melissa Truex ( Assuming we have not been in communication with the referred candidate in the last six months, a referral bonus will be paid to any ICG consultant or non-ICG consultant who refers a candidate that ICG subsequently hires within six months. Should your candidate be hired by ICG within six months of making the referral, a referral bonus will be paid to you in two installments.  Amounts paid out to non-ICG consultants will be 50% of the amounts listed below.  The amount paid out will be based on your employment status on the day of the pay out:

  • You will receive $1,000 after 1,000 hours have been billed by the referred consultant. A prorated amount will be paid for engagements less than 1,000 hours.
  • The additional $1,000 will be paid after the consultant bills 2,000 hours.


Unless otherwise stated in a promotion, ICG will not pay out referral bonuses for trainers or go-live support consultants. Referral bonuses will not be paid out if the referral’s contract is terminated early for any reason prior to the payout of a bonus.


Project Referral Bonus

If you become aware of an open consulting position, please refer the lead to Melissa Truex ( or an ICG National Practice Director, along with any relevant contacts at the client site and their contact information.  Assuming that ICG has not already been involved with pursuing the business you refer, you will be eligible for a project referral bonus. The appropriate bonus amount will be assessed by management on a case by case basis.